Thursday, September 25, 2008


Backtracking seems to be a common thread lately among the weight loss and maintenance bloggers. Not all, of course, but some. Everyone seems determined to get back on track, so it will be good to see how it's done by other folks. I wonder if we have some weird primal thing going on in the fall--especially us calorie-efficient types--where our bodies instinctively want to fatten up for winter? Except we don't get to sleep the whole time like bears do. Darn.

I've felt this challenge lately, with a slight gain this week. I dropped back down to where I was the previous Tuesday, but no lower. I feel like I've hit a sort of plateau. I was hoping I could surge a bit further down the scale before this happened, but oh well. Here I am.

For me, the fat items--almonds, pistachios, marinated roasted veggies, bacon, charred fats on meat--have replaced the carbs as my food challenge. No, they won't spike my blood sugar, and some of them do have the good fats, but they still pack a lot of calories. We had some pizza show on the TV this morning, and there was this place in Chicago that made a dessert with chocolate chip cookie dough as the crust and then put ice cream on top...and my eyes teared up. Bleep! I just wanted to feel like I could eat like a normal person again without losing a limb or something. But do I really? Maybe not...because I just might, like every time I've seen weight loss as the goal unto itself, and then I'd be tired and out-of-shape again.

I'm also disappointed that I scrapped today's run. I was running behind, and I had the choice: 20 minute run or scrap it. I scrapped it, and was feeling upset with myself, and my husband asked, "Why? Are you afraid that taking a break one day will make you quit?" *Ding! Ding! Ding!* He got that one exactly right. I've decided to take a longer walk at lunch to make up for it, but I've felt depressed all morning...except for the bright spot: I got to take my son to school this morning. That was great! His school is on these bluffs above the ocean, a wonderful location. I got to breathe some fresh, ocean-and-eucalyptus air. I'd like to say that snapped me out of it completely, but not quite. Maybe the walk at lunch will do it.


MizFit said...

checking back in, oh woman of the amazing comment which I appreciate, how you feeling today?

remember that a day off is a TREAT for your body.

a healing day.

and you WILL come back the next day to run strongerharderfaster.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pubsgal, enjoyed your comment over on Joy;s blog, so came to visit you. Keep up the good work. My dad (who I mention periodically on my blog) has had diabetes for many years and now is living with some of the devastating effects of it. It took me a long time to get going, but that was one of the motivating factors in my weight loss--my blood sugar was creeping up there, and I didn't want to get diabetes.