Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekly weigh-in: -47!

Down 4 pounds this week; yippee!!! I'm down into the next decade (2teens vs. 220s!) I didn't change much on the food front, but I did more exercise and made sure I got the proper amount of fluids. (I also did my arm strength training an extra day.)

Fasting blood glucose has been running a little higher, though; boo! I've had a few days where it was over 120. I suspect it's from eating dinner later in the evening. I really need to plan better around late work nights.

I also did my official "monthly measure" today. Actually, I did it late last week when the scale hadn't budged much. Both times it was really encouraging. Since beginning back in May, I've lost 5 inches from bust, waist and hips!

All that said, I still have a long way to go: 14 pounds until I'm at my halfway point; 28 pounds until my BMI is merely in the "overweight" (instead of the "obese") range. And who knows when until the fasting blood glucose levels get where I need them to be. But it was nice to enjoy seeing some progress this week.

Wishing success to everyone else in the process of getting healthy!


MizFit said...

four down is GREAT!!

Fluffy Mom said...

Congratulations four pounds down is GREAT!

I'd take it for sure!

Charlie Hills said...

Crossing weight decades is awesome. (But I know all about getting all the way down to "overweight".) Just gotta stick with it. In the end, it'll work!

Juice said...

Way to go! Keep it up - you are inspiring me!