Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekly weigh-in: -38

(Or, "Back to lying about the weight on my driver's license")

Down 3 pounds this week! Yes!!! Girl hormones during last week kinda threw everything for a loop, including blood glucose levels; I've been reading that those can trend up or down in a "your mileage may vary" sort of way as the girl hormones rise and fall. Things were doing much better over the weekend, especially my fasting numbers; they're finally trending into the desired range. The doc will be happy on Thursday. Hurrah!

We're getting fall weather here on the San Mateo coast, which means (generally) sunny, mild days instead of the summer fog-fest. Colder, darker mornings, too; this morning, I had on 2 jackets and gloves and still felt cold during my warm-up. We spent a lot of time tidying up the yard and Mr. Handsome-AND-Handy* repainted and cleaned Thing 1 and Thing 2's swingset and repainted the trim on our house. Thing 1's big birthday party is next weekend, and it's one of our bi-annual excuses to be social instead of our usual reclusive selves. (*Side note--My husband's moniker is inspired by Red Green of The Red Green Show, who has the following tag line to the "Handyman's Corner" segment: "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.")

I also spent a little time playing with the virtual model on Lands End. I'm pretty sure I saw this first on OneMoreBite ("Virtual Weight Loss"), which links to the makers of the Lands End virtual model. (That actually might be a better site to try, as my poor girl didn't have any pant or skirt options in the virtual model closet at her current weight; only a dress, which was a gahdawful sack of a garment.) I wanted to be able to visualize my before, current, mid-way, and goal, and this did a pretty good job, at least with the before and current. Sadly, I didn't see much of a difference between the computer-rendered before (265) and current (227), although the half-way (208) is very much different. I also didn't notice much difference between 160 (top of my desired weight range) and 143 (goal).

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Pubsgal said...

Postscript: I went to the My Virtual Model web site described in the One More Bite blog. I think their model skews skinnier; I used my current 224, and it looked much skinnier (especially in the arms) than my Land's End model did. You can dial it up a notch, if desired, which made it look (I think) more realistic. The MVM site also did not allow you to enter measurements, whereas Land's End does.