Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The morning run:

(00:00:00) "Oh bleep. I've only got 20 minutes to run. I really ought to have moved it a little more quickly this morning."

(00:09:58) "Law of momentum is a fallacy. Oh, I believe the 'body at rest tends to stay at rest part,' but this body in motion wants to stop. Right bleepin' now."

(00:12:02) "Ugh...jogging up the street..."

(00:12:43) "...Da-da-DA-da, da-da-DA-da, dum-dum-DUM-dum, dum-DA-dum-DA..." (Pirates of the Caribbean sound track looping in my head on the way back down the street...)

(00:18:00) "Ugh, I hate this part. But I don't have to run it again, do I? I've only got a couple of minutes left."

(00:18:30) "Yeay, just down this street and back home!"

(00:19:07) "No, I'm going to run that hateful part again, just because I don't want to. It'll only take a minute."

(00:20:00) "Ya know, I could do another 5 minutes...I should, because I really don't want to. Just to that stubby little part of the street and back."

(00:23:24) "I could run around this loop instead, I'd get a little more uphill but the last bit is downhill. That might take a little more time, but not a whole lot..."

(00:24:00) puff...pant..."Power up on the uphill..."

(00:24:55) "Wheee..."

(00:25:00) "Whew! That wasn't so bad, now, was it?"

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Fitness Surfer said...

Lol! If that’s not real, I don’t know what is. Thanks for the narration. It’s good to know I’m not the only one thinking like that when I workout.