Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekly weigh-in: -47!

Down 4 pounds this week; yippee!!! I'm down into the next decade (2teens vs. 220s!) I didn't change much on the food front, but I did more exercise and made sure I got the proper amount of fluids. (I also did my arm strength training an extra day.)

Fasting blood glucose has been running a little higher, though; boo! I've had a few days where it was over 120. I suspect it's from eating dinner later in the evening. I really need to plan better around late work nights.

I also did my official "monthly measure" today. Actually, I did it late last week when the scale hadn't budged much. Both times it was really encouraging. Since beginning back in May, I've lost 5 inches from bust, waist and hips!

All that said, I still have a long way to go: 14 pounds until I'm at my halfway point; 28 pounds until my BMI is merely in the "overweight" (instead of the "obese") range. And who knows when until the fasting blood glucose levels get where I need them to be. But it was nice to enjoy seeing some progress this week.

Wishing success to everyone else in the process of getting healthy!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Quotable Friday!

Or, "Great Quote! (Whoever said it.)"

Attributing quotes correctly is a tricky thing, especially when proliferated via the Internet. Just take a look at snopes.com, there are whole articles that circulate the Internet that were never written by the person they are attributed to, and often that person is angry that such pieces (often complete "glurge") are attributed to him or her.

For example, here are my two faves from my Weight Watchers days:

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."
~ Attributed to Goethe, most likely because William Hutchinson Murray quoted him as saying such, based an embellished translation of Faust.
Like many, I though this was a Goethe quote.

"Success is getting up one more time than you fall down."
~ Attributed to Oliver Goldsmith, but derived from a Japanese proverb
Although on my Good Earth tea bag on Tuesday morning, it's written "Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up" and described as a Chinese proverb. Which is really weird, because I had always thought this was an Eleanor Roosevelt quote. She has a great many interesting things attributed to her, but this was not one!

I like this one from the home page of "A Woman's Right to Lose" blog:

"Although no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."
~ Several people (mostly WW folks) cite Roberta Brenick, although I've seen university web sites (mostly continuing education pages! :-) attribute Carl Bard with this one. So maybe it's not too late to become a librarian....

P.S. Yep, I walked at lunch yesterday and felt much better. I made some less optimal choices at dinner, but then Thing 1 and I rocked out to a cardio kickboxing workout and Thing 2 laid at my feet wailing because she wasn't the center of attention...kinda hard to do those kickboxing kicks with a 40-pound preschooler adhered to your ankles...Eventually she got it into the spirit of things and she and her brother ran laps around the living room and punched a balloon on each pass. "Let's make our living room into an exercise gym!" cried Thing 1 as he charged around the table. Every so often he'd drop and do a pretty decent push-up. I was duly impressed. I've got to get them some hand weights that are less than 5 pounds, though, they're going to hurt someone. "Children! Mommy's hand weights are NOT a shotput." I think next time, I'll just put on some music and let them take turns being the instructor, that way they won't feel like I'm paying more attention to the buff Aussie woman on TV.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Backtracking seems to be a common thread lately among the weight loss and maintenance bloggers. Not all, of course, but some. Everyone seems determined to get back on track, so it will be good to see how it's done by other folks. I wonder if we have some weird primal thing going on in the fall--especially us calorie-efficient types--where our bodies instinctively want to fatten up for winter? Except we don't get to sleep the whole time like bears do. Darn.

I've felt this challenge lately, with a slight gain this week. I dropped back down to where I was the previous Tuesday, but no lower. I feel like I've hit a sort of plateau. I was hoping I could surge a bit further down the scale before this happened, but oh well. Here I am.

For me, the fat items--almonds, pistachios, marinated roasted veggies, bacon, charred fats on meat--have replaced the carbs as my food challenge. No, they won't spike my blood sugar, and some of them do have the good fats, but they still pack a lot of calories. We had some pizza show on the TV this morning, and there was this place in Chicago that made a dessert with chocolate chip cookie dough as the crust and then put ice cream on top...and my eyes teared up. Bleep! I just wanted to feel like I could eat like a normal person again without losing a limb or something. But do I really? Maybe not...because I just might, like every time I've seen weight loss as the goal unto itself, and then I'd be tired and out-of-shape again.

I'm also disappointed that I scrapped today's run. I was running behind, and I had the choice: 20 minute run or scrap it. I scrapped it, and was feeling upset with myself, and my husband asked, "Why? Are you afraid that taking a break one day will make you quit?" *Ding! Ding! Ding!* He got that one exactly right. I've decided to take a longer walk at lunch to make up for it, but I've felt depressed all morning...except for the bright spot: I got to take my son to school this morning. That was great! His school is on these bluffs above the ocean, a wonderful location. I got to breathe some fresh, ocean-and-eucalyptus air. I'd like to say that snapped me out of it completely, but not quite. Maybe the walk at lunch will do it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This would so work for me

Wake n' Bacon. 'Nuff said.


The morning run:

(00:00:00) "Oh bleep. I've only got 20 minutes to run. I really ought to have moved it a little more quickly this morning."

(00:09:58) "Law of momentum is a fallacy. Oh, I believe the 'body at rest tends to stay at rest part,' but this body in motion wants to stop. Right bleepin' now."

(00:12:02) "Ugh...jogging up the street..."

(00:12:43) "...Da-da-DA-da, da-da-DA-da, dum-dum-DUM-dum, dum-DA-dum-DA..." (Pirates of the Caribbean sound track looping in my head on the way back down the street...)

(00:18:00) "Ugh, I hate this part. But I don't have to run it again, do I? I've only got a couple of minutes left."

(00:18:30) "Yeay, just down this street and back home!"

(00:19:07) "No, I'm going to run that hateful part again, just because I don't want to. It'll only take a minute."

(00:20:00) "Ya know, I could do another 5 minutes...I should, because I really don't want to. Just to that stubby little part of the street and back."

(00:23:24) "I could run around this loop instead, I'd get a little more uphill but the last bit is downhill. That might take a little more time, but not a whole lot..."

(00:24:00) puff...pant..."Power up on the uphill..."

(00:24:55) "Wheee..."

(00:25:00) "Whew! That wasn't so bad, now, was it?"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekly weigh-in: -43

Yep, if we compare this number with last week's number, it's true: I'm up one pound this week. First gain in quite some time. It sucks, but on the other hand, it certainly brings me back to being mindful of what I need to do and to keep the motivation sharper.

I was happy, then, that MizFit's post today was about gratitude, and the Bumbling Band had lots of great comments about the things for which they're grateful. Very timely. Reminded me of the quote from X-Files: "If coincidences are coincidences, why do they feel so contrived?" (Agent Mulder in the episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose") And there was also Pasta Queen's confession, which left me feeling less alone in the struggle.

So...now for the analysis. It's boring and for me, so if anyone's reading, feel free to stop reading here and go check out last Friday's pirate post instead. While I do think it has a lot to do with a certain time of the month approaching, I'd rather not blame it all on that. I'll be taking a look at my log and see which areas need better focus:

- Water: I tend to do better when I stay hydrated. I didn't keep up with that last week.
To do:

- Exercise: Due to morning schedule constraints, I ran less in the morning (20-30 minutes instead of 30-45 minutes). I did go for walks on days when I couldn't run at least 30 minutes, but walking does burn less calories than running. I also did strength training only twice last week, so this weekend I'll make sure to do some. (Weekends are typically my days off from working out, but not from being active, and we were a bit less so, especially on Sunday.)
To do:
Stay consistent (keep cardio 60x5), add an extra day of strength training.

- Food: I didn't go terribly off plan, but I have been eating more than planned in the evenings, and this week that bit me. I tend to pick at the yummy grilled meat waiting to be put away! Also, I need to take the almonds home and leave them there. I manage to make them last pretty well, and they are healthy, but they tend to end up being extra instead of planned-for parts of my day.
To do: No picking! Brush teeth before putting away the food or have a sugar-free mint in my mouth while doing so. Take the almonds home!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ah, technology...

Never mind invisibility cloaks. The technology based on the world of Harry Potter that *I* want most to be developed are Toothflossing Stringmints! Guess scientists chose the easy route. ;-)

What's your choice?

Friday, September 19, 2008


"...Hoist up the mainsails and shut down your brain cells,
They only would get in the way,
Avast there, me hearty, we're havin' a party,
It's "Talk Like A Pirate" Day!" - Tom Smith, "Talk Like a Pirate Day" official song
Ahoy, me hearties! Happy "International Talk Like a Pirate Day" to ye!
"Take what ye can! Give nothin' back!" - Pirates of the Caribbean
Cap'n Wordswench here, I be hijackin' this blog in honor o' t' day! (Me crew thought we was raidin' t' grog, not t' blog. They be daft, t' scurvy dogs.) [Cap'n Wordswench rolls eyes.]

Seein' that it be Quotable Friday, I'll be sharin' a few o' me favorite pirate quotations with ye:
"Female pirates are allowed some exception to rules concerning hygiene and garmentry, but must make up for it by using twice as much profanity." Rule #47 of Pirate Laws!
"How do you know if you are a pirate? You just 'Arrrrrrrr'..." - Pirate Laws web site

"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." - Henry Lewis Mencken, 1880 - 1956

"Both are ways to make a good, dishonest living."
- Keith Richards, referring to vocations of rock star and pirate

"Remember, in a pirate ship, in pirate waters, in a pirate world, ask no questions. Believe only what you see. No, believe half of what you see."
- Vallo, The Crimson Pirate
Much o' it pains me ter be borin' ye w' book talk, Pubsgal agreed to walk t' plank only if I added t' followin' quote. Rum lass, t'at un.
"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island and at the bottom of the Spanish Main... and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life." - Walt Disney
Fair winds, mateys!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekly weigh-in: -44!

Down 3 pounds this week (since last Tuesday), but it's a little confusing. I really wasn't expecting a loss this week. My personal weigh-in recording day is every Tuesday, although I step on the scale and check it out daily. For the HFH challenge, we weigh in on Friday. So last week, I started with my Tuesday weight, and noticed no change between Tuesday and Friday. I also didn't notice much change over the weekend. I had made my peace with it: the scale is just a number, I can only control what I put in my mouth & when and my exercise, I'll get to wear the new pants a little more, yada yada ya. So I just kept up doing what I was doing, what else was I going to do? And plunk! Down it went. I'll take it.

Also received some good test results: my A1C number is 6.6 now (down from 9.5), my cholesterol and triglycerides have greatly improved since June, but my HDL/LDL numbers aren't quite where they need to be. Oh, well, little by little...Liver and kidney functions normal, which means metformin seems to be agreeing with my body. Yeay!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Quotable Friday!

"Everything I did in my life that was worthwhile I caught hell for." ~ Earl Warren (1891-1974)
I like the sentiment, although my "worthwhile" stuff is pretty tame and not the type you catch hell for...unless you count Thing 1 and Thing 2's sassy moments.

Well, I had started out writing a maudlin post. I'm sure many of you know feeling, that "I've-come-so-far-but-I'm-still-toting-that-large-Baskin-Robbins-
Peanut-Butter-and-Chocolate-shake-from-2002-on-my-left-hip" mood.

But I pressed the Delete button. Who the heck wants maudlin on a Friday?!?! I felt a little bad for letting down the "Hot for the Holidays" crew over on Baby Tea Leaves. Zero loss this week, but you know? I'm gonna stick with it and be the comeback kid next week. Unless I've totally jinxed things by joining a group weight loss challenge in the first place...but that would be superstitious, now, wouldn't it? Do you have any weight loss superstitions?

In other news, less than 6 weeks until the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Run!
"I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready-ready-ready-ready-ready." ~ SpongeBob SquarePants
(That's going to be my spec-of-a-head way in the back of the photo in the 2008 picture, baby!) Just feeling a residual endorphin high from running today. I ran 5K for the first time since high school this morning, just to be sure I could do it for the big day (and in less time than it would take for everyone to pack up and head home). I did it in 55 minutes AND then got home and helped pack lunches and get kids and self out the door. I bring home the bacon AND fry it up on an electric griddle, too, now that I think of it.... (The pan's too darn small for my merry bacon-lovin' crew.)

And I'll sign off with this cheerful thought:
"What do those of us who aren't tall, flawlessly sculpted adolescents do? Answer: Console ourselves with how relative beauty can be. Thank heaven for the arousing qualities of zest, intelligence, wit, curiosity, sweetness, passion, talent, and grace." ~ Diane Ackerman, author, from her book A Natural History of the Senses
Have a ZESTY weekend!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekly weigh-in: -41!

Down 3 pounds this week, and 1/3 of my way to goal! Yippee! I'm keeping on track with my exercise, although strength training at 10 p.m. last night was the last thing I wanted to do...and actually, it was: I went to sleep right after. ;-) And my fasting blood glucose levels are dropping (less than 120 the past couple of days!!!), but I think that's more due to the additional metformin than the weight loss at this point.

Last night I received a new bathing suit I had ordered. (I'd had the old one for years, and now in addition to being threadbare, it had become rather baggy. I felt a little sorry to throw it away, it was a great suit, and we had been to Hawaii many times together...*sniff*...so long, old pal!) Anyhow, my 4-year-old daughter noticed it.

Thing 2: "Why are you wearing that?"
Me: "It's my new bathing suit. I need to try it on and make sure it fits. What do you think?"
Thing 2: "You look like a hot rod momma!"

Wowee! I felt ridiculously pleased.

Thing 2: "That's what Mrs. Puff* says."

Innocently said and well-meant, but ah, pride before the fall...

*For those not versed in SpongeBob SquarePants lore, Mrs. Puff is his driving instructor, and she is a large, round (even when not puffed up) puffer fish. When stressed, she puffs up and moans, "Oh, SpongeBob, whyyyy?" in a deeper voice. In the episode "Wishing You Well," in which Mr. Krabs installs a wishing well at his restaurant in order to part more citizens of Bikini Bottom of their money, Mrs. Puff tosses a coin in the well and says, "I wish I had a snazzy new boat. I wanna be a hot rod momma." (And yes, SpongeBob and Patrick dig deep enough and find "the Magic," and to Mr. Krabs' disbelief, everyone's wishes come true. Mrs. Puff gets her hot rod boat, with flames and all. For the record, my new bathing suit does *not* have flames.)

P.S.: If you haven't already cruised by the blog "Roni's Weigh" today, she talked about an article she read on the "Back in skinny jeans" blog. I checked it out, and I've gotta say, dash on over and read about Stephanie's Grandma Rose in the article "You're more than a body: A vibrant spirit won't be held back by aging." Terrific post!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quotable Friday!

"You have to sniff out joy. Keep your nose to the joy trail." ~ Buffy St. Marie
In my case, I'm keeping my wheels to the "joy trail" and sniffing the salty sea air! I went on a bike ride yesterday morning on our local coast trail, and this time I took a few photos to share. They're a little blurry, because I was using my iPhone rather than a proper camera, but you can see why I enjoy my weekly ride and will miss it when the mornings get too dark to use the trail. Oh well, that's what weekends are for, right?
Plus this:
Equals This:
"Joy is the feeling of grinning inside." ~ Dr. Melba Colgrove
"When you wish someone joy, you wish them peace, love, prosperity, happiness... all the good things." ~ Maya Angelou
"One joy shatters a hundred griefs." ~ Chinese Proverb
I'll try to keep the next three in mind next time I'm flossing my teeth....
"Things won are done; joy's soul lies in the doing." ~ William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), Troilus and Cressida, Act 1, Scene 2

"Winning is important to me, but what brings me real joy is the experience of being fully engaged in whatever I'm doing." ~ Phil Jackson

"Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile." ~ Sir Wilfred Grenfell (1865 - 1940)
And finally...
"A sense of humor...is needed armor. Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life." ~ Hugh Sidney
Hope you enjoy the weekend!

Morning at the Doctor's Office

Item #1,352 of what they don't tell you before you get diabetes: you're going to be visiting a lot of folks in white coats, often (at least at first...not sure how frequent this becomes when your numbers are good on a regular basis).
Item #1,353: Everyone on your care team might not agree about what "good numbers" are!

Well, the good news is that my home scale is pretty well aligned with the doctor's scale (even with my clothes and shoes on). And my blood pressure is even better than last time: 100/70. (And what do you know? My BMI is still in the obese range. So much for the obesity=high blood pressure sweeping generalization. And even when I was out of shape, it was still 120/80, so go figure.) The bad news? The nurse and the doctor both tsk'd over my most recent fasting blood glucose numbers, which I'm pleased to say finally started dropping below 130 this week.

Doctor: "Too high."
Me: "Huh? The diabetes educator recommended a range of 70-130."
Doctor: "Really?" (I showed the doctor my sheet.) "Well, don't show that to my other patients!"
Me: "What do you recommend?"
Doctor: "Shouldn't be higher than 120."
Me: "Oh. Well, what will it take to bring it down?"
[Doctor whips out her pad and scribbles down an Rx for metformin 2x/day instead of 1x.]

That said, my doctor reassures me that if I keep doing what I'm doing, we might be able to cut it back later or maybe even get rid of it altogether. (Never any promises, I'm finding, with managing diabetes.) Which would be cool, but I just want to do what it takes to get things as close to normal people's ranges as possible. From what I've read, I'm glad she supports the lower range and is helping me get there.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekly weigh-in: -38

(Or, "Back to lying about the weight on my driver's license")

Down 3 pounds this week! Yes!!! Girl hormones during last week kinda threw everything for a loop, including blood glucose levels; I've been reading that those can trend up or down in a "your mileage may vary" sort of way as the girl hormones rise and fall. Things were doing much better over the weekend, especially my fasting numbers; they're finally trending into the desired range. The doc will be happy on Thursday. Hurrah!

We're getting fall weather here on the San Mateo coast, which means (generally) sunny, mild days instead of the summer fog-fest. Colder, darker mornings, too; this morning, I had on 2 jackets and gloves and still felt cold during my warm-up. We spent a lot of time tidying up the yard and Mr. Handsome-AND-Handy* repainted and cleaned Thing 1 and Thing 2's swingset and repainted the trim on our house. Thing 1's big birthday party is next weekend, and it's one of our bi-annual excuses to be social instead of our usual reclusive selves. (*Side note--My husband's moniker is inspired by Red Green of The Red Green Show, who has the following tag line to the "Handyman's Corner" segment: "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.")

I also spent a little time playing with the virtual model on Lands End. I'm pretty sure I saw this first on OneMoreBite ("Virtual Weight Loss"), which links to the makers of the Lands End virtual model. (That actually might be a better site to try, as my poor girl didn't have any pant or skirt options in the virtual model closet at her current weight; only a dress, which was a gahdawful sack of a garment.) I wanted to be able to visualize my before, current, mid-way, and goal, and this did a pretty good job, at least with the before and current. Sadly, I didn't see much of a difference between the computer-rendered before (265) and current (227), although the half-way (208) is very much different. I also didn't notice much difference between 160 (top of my desired weight range) and 143 (goal).